Volume 3 ; Issue 2 ; in Month : July-Dec (2020) Article No : 127
Habib A, Jaffar G, Khalid MS, et al.

Globally elimination of HCV is a major challenge to reduce the burden of this deadly virus. Chronic Hepatitis C can increase the risk for certain types of cancers. To minimize the burden of HCV World Health Organization (WHO) set a goal in May 2016 for the elimination of HCV by the end of 2030. The principle aim of this project is to minimize the 80% per annual new infection and 65% turn down the mortality ratio. For the treatment of HCV the development of all the interferon based drugs like direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) is particularly available with low prices in the developed countries. It’s true that DAAs are major contributor to control the global burden but many limitations of medication make the expansion of a prophylactic vaccine requisite to attain the goal. Before the progression of liver infection mostly HCV infection is asymptomatic, and the HCV screening is not efficient in all the countries that are the reasons a number of individuals are not detected with HCV infection.

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