Volume 6 ; Issue 1 ; in Month : Jan-June (2023) Article No : 146
Ribeiro P, Moreira D, Teixeira A, et al.

Why have we chosen this research question dedicated to Narcissistic Personality Disorders and Sexuality? This comes from vast clinical practice, in Psychiatry and Mental Health, which empirically highlights what appears to be a mature and cohesive mental structure within the individual’s psychic and sexual development with man and woman, each one well defined internally and externally what it is and feels, as well as its association with health or mental illness in terms of Personality Disorder being inevitable. At the heart of the importance of this study is an imbalance in their psychosexual development that is revealed latently or is manifested in the therapeutic approach of patients (mainly narcissistic and borderline), and there is already a history of studies on this topic. We defined a methodology whose study design, selection of participants, and sample size best reflected to our objectives, expecting to deepen the results and provide answers to the initial questions. These became clearer with the selection (inclusion/exclusion) of individuals for the Experimental and Control Groups, Clinical Interviews and Questionnaires over the years, which, in an objective way, reveals an unavoidable reality: the psychosexual development of the individual, in terms of Masculinity/Femininity, conditions and is conditioned by Personality Disorders in general, and Narcissistic and Borderline in particular. Soon it will be possible for us to objectify (qualify/quantify) the results that will be made available to the scientific community, for a better understanding of the Disease and Mental Health, with the final objective of its acceptance, consideration and therapeutic evolution.

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