Volume 6 ; Issue 1 ; in Month : Jan-June (2023) Article No : 144
Siddharth Narayan* and Sankari Malaiappan

Background: Periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting the gingiva, Periodontal ligament, cementum and Alveolar bone. Treatment of such a disease is targeted at initial reduction of primary microbial burden followed by repair of existing periodontium and by regenerative procedures wherever required. Bone is a modified form of connective tissue with lifelong dynamic changes in its metabolism. Current advances in the field of regeneration suggest the use of agents which could alter, enhance, speed up or inducing bone formation at desired sites aiding in regenerative therapy and reducing reliance of external substitutes or grafts. Objective: To establish the additive effect of Melatonin on Osteoblast differentiation using Alkaline phosphatase as an indicator and the time required to record the same in-vitro. Data Sources: A search was executed in electronic database (i.e., PUBMED CENTRAL, COCHRANE, LILAC, EUROPEAN PMC, SCIENCEDIRECT, GOOGLE SCHOLAR) using following search terms alone and in combination by means of PUBMED search builder from January 1990 up to July 2020. Study Eligibility Criteria: Studies were stipulate if they met the following criteria: In vivo or In vitro studies comparing the additive effect of melatonin on Osteoblast differentiation rate using Alkaline phosphatase as an indicator were selected. Study Appraisal and Synthesis Methods: From a total of ten studies four studies claimed additive benefits of Melatonin in increasing Osteoblast differentiation rate or Osteogenic potential amongst Mesenchymal stem cells which was quantified using Alkaline Phosphatase. Results: The included article suggest without a doubt that Melatonin increases Osteoblast differentiation rate or Osteogenic potential among different Mesenchymal stem cells which was quantified using Alkaline Phosphatase, despite heterogeneity with regards to time duration, concentration and involved cell line. Conclusion: Although Melatonin was found to have a beneficial effect on osteoblast, myoblast, bone marrow stem cells of different origins, the present systematic review did not furnish concrete evidence to show the exact effect, concentration required, and time taken to visualize these clinical benefits.

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