Volume 6 ; Issue 2 ; in Month : Jul-Dec (2023) Article No : 147
Gourvendra Gangwar

The physiological functioning of the human body depends on vitamin D as a source of minerals. Numerous ailments like bone health, cancer, heart issues, infectious diseases, and CNS are brought on by its shortage. The body's vitamin D insufficiency can be caused by a variety of things, including a person's diet, lifestyle, and geographic location. Blood levels of vitamin D can be maintained through a variety of means, including vitamin D supplements, vitamin D medications, and lifestyle changes. A pharmaceutical company with its main office in India called Ambrosiya Neo-Medicine Pvt. Ltd. has introduced a food-grade vitamin D pill based on lichen to address the global problem of vitamin D deficiency's consequences. In Dr. JAIN's Precision Diagnostic Centre, a comparison study of conventional vitamin D and lichen-based pills was done on ten patients who were vitamin D deficient. The results of the vitamin D level after 48-hours have shown that the lichen-based vitamin D is absorbed at a higher rate than regular vitamin D. We anticipate Ambrosiya’s supply of vitamin D supplements made from lichen, and it can make a big difference to the government's attempts to address the problem of vitamin D insufficiency in people everywhere.

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