Volume 1 ; Issue 2 ; in Month : Apr-Jun (2018) Article No : 109
Asmaa HF

Although dreaming is personal myth experience occurring in the inner world of the person while sleeping there are quite a few features and symbols regarding dreaming that is deserving being measured and investigate and may help in treating a lot of psychological diseases. The present study using, literature data, questionnaire, and the interview with 50 people to interpreting and understanding the science of dream. And to extract some form of dream story including dream recall, nightmares, lucid dreaming, philosophy towards human dreams, and the effects of dreams on awakening life. We also try to draw some dream of our participates. Our finding reported that Some dreams are a message from God. Some dreams are you are talking to yourself during sleep; it is a psychological and biochemistry evaluation or great expectation to yourself. Sometimes the dreams try to give you the solutions or warning about some problem or stress that annoyed you. One of the dreams function is to stay our brain active all the time. If the dreams stop, this is meaning the brain is inactive and we are in a coma, the brain cannot stop off. Encourage people to recall happy midnight dream and dream daydreaming by telling and writing about it will help people to modulation brain memory and develop some creative persons.

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