Volume 1 ; Issue 2 ; in Month : Apr-Jun (2018) Article No : 113
Shankar CH, Suthakaran R and Prem Kumar B

A simple, precise and accurate RP-HPLC technique was developed and the developed method was validated for the regular analysis of Febuxostat and Ketorolac. Chromatographic analysis was performed by selecting an Novapak RP-C18 column (150 x 3.9 �m i.d; particle size 4 �m), Phosphate buffer in water pH-5.8 adjusted with O-Phosphoric Acid: Methanol in the isocratic mode (40:60 v/v) as mobile phase, 1.2 ml/min as flow rate and 20 μl injection volume. The LC chromatographic peaks were eluted at 1.92 and 3.10 for Febuxostat and Ketorolac respectively at 321 nm as detection wavelength with PDA detector. The developed method was validated as per the ICH guidelines and the Validation parameters were specificity, accuracy, linearity, precision, LOD and LOQ.

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